NYC Geological Surveying


Arek Surveying provides peoples across the NYC area with trusted and dependable geological surveying. The overall purpose of a geological survey is to create a geological map or model. This survey is completed by doing an investigation of the geology beneath the ground and employs a wide range of techniques to get the desired results. So please, give us a call today for more information about our surveying methods. We can provide you with a free estimate! The number for our office is 516-792-6676. when you call, we can provide you with all of the necessary details. See why many in the NYC area choose us for their geological surveying.

Geological Surveying Techniques

Geological surveying takes time and precision to complete successfully. We have a wealth of knowledge and have perfected the techniques in order to get the most reliable results. Some of these techniques include: 

  • traditional walk-over survey

  • the study of land forms

  • machine-driven boreholes

A borehole is a narrow shaft that is vertically or horizontally bored into the ground. The extraction of water or part of a geo-technical investigation is one of the main reasons for this construction. National examples of geological surveying can be found, as well as smaller ones that are for individual states and provinces. So whether the surveying is occurring in the NYC area, or across the US, the principles are always the same.​

Geological Surveying Examples

Although our geological surveying is available to clients in the greater NYC area, it is a common survey that is useful for land developers to understand the land they are attempting to build on. Below are some examples of geological surveys that have happened in other parts of the world.

Geological Surveying of Canada

The Geological Survey of Canada is the country's oldest scientific agency formed in 1842. This agency is one of Canada's first government organizations. This federal agency is responsible for performing geological surveys of the country. In turn, this helps to develop Canada's natural resources and protecting the environment.

This Geological Survey group has an annual budget of $70 million and oversees a few different programs and activities.

Included in this is the seismograph network, which is a network of seismographs spread across the country to detect earthquakes. It consists of over 150 seismographs. Also included is a network of 14 magnetic observatories. Half of them are located in Nunavut with the other seven in various cities from coast-to-coast.

Pennsylvania Geological Surveying

The Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted the Pennsylvania Geological Survey and operates under the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. It was created to collect, preserve and disseminate impartial information on Pennsylvania's geology, geologic resources and topography. This was in order to help understand the conservation of the land and its resources.

The year 1836 saw the first survey created. This makes it one of the oldest geological surveys in the United States. The state's fourth survey was created in 1919 and is the one that is still on record today. The survey still provides data and topographic information, as well as oil and gas well information, through state-funded programs. It is a very helpful tool in correlation with other surveying aspects.


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