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Professional Land Surveyor for Long Island, New York City and More!

Arek Surveying performs a wide variety of surveying services to our clients and have been doing so for over 20 years. From regular property surveys to large construction projects in New York and New Jersey, the team of land surveyors at Arek will get the job done in a professional manner.

The "Our Services" section on the top of the page lists all of the different types of surveys we offer to our clients. If you cannot find exactly what are you looking for, please contact our office at 516-792-6676 or email us at to get help from our staff.

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Please note that in-person visits are currently available by appointment only. Check out our full selection of surveying services available. We offer a complete selection of surveying options, which gives us a leg up on many other land surveyors in the greater NYC area. Get any residential or commercial survey when you turn to Arek!

What Makes Arek Surveying The Best Surveyors in NYC?

There are certain traits that a land surveyor must have and the team at Arek Surveying has those qualities, which is what makes us the best surveying team in the greater NYC area. Land surveying and mapping is a crucial part of making structures and communities thrive and Arek is proud of the part we play in building up our environment. While ensuring the safety and success of all those who live here.

The role of a land surveyor in the greater NYC area is diverse and includes tasks such as improving the infrastructure of communities, mapping out residential or industrial developments, examining archeological sites, staking out land, and more! Land surveying is a challenging job and no two projects are the same. So it is important to find a land surveyor in the greater NYC area that you can trust to get the job done right. One with the right set of skills and mindset to complete the surveying project to completion. And can navigate the unique elements that make up your particular surveying project.

Here are some of the reasons why the team at Arek Surveying is the one you are looking for when it comes to land surveying in the greater NYC area. We are a team that possess the skills, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism needed to help your project.

Strong Communication Skills

Having strong communication skills is imperative in our field. We need to convey clearly, quickly, and accurately aspects of the projects when speaking to clients and drafting up the surveys and its findings. Good communication can make a huge difference in experiencing a smooth, timely project. When you turn to the team at Arek Surveying, our team offers these strong communication skills to make sure you are updated on the status of the project and all of the details that surround it. So you are not left in the dark or misunderstanding any of the aspects of the land survey.

The Necessary Tools for Reliable Results

When you work with Arek Surveying, you will have a team on your side that has the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right. We maintain our tools and equipment to ensure the most accurate surveys. Our standards are high and we calibrate and test our tools often to make sure they are operating at 100%. Because any slight downgrade in equipment can have negative consequences on the project. But with Arek, you can trust you are getting reliable results on the completed survey.

Quality Control with Surveying Process

Of course, it is difficult to predict how a survey and its team will operate before the survey begins. But we can assure you that we offer professional quality control with our surveying process to ensure that the projects are completed on time. And that all of our findings will be supported with the correct, and accurate, documentation. And we will go over these steps before we begin to assure you of our process. This includes accurate price estimates and portfolios of similar past projects. On top of that, when you work with us you will see a professionalism in how our staff handles the project at every step. Giving you the care and attention you deserve.

The Right Qualifications with Industry Experience

At Arek Surveying, we have years of experience and have seen it all when it comes to various land surveyors. So we have the right qualifications coupled with years of industry experience to expertly handle any surveying project that comes our way. Our team of land surveyors has a diversity in their skills and abilities that will match what is required for the upcoming surveying project. We stand by our performance and results. And have the backing of years in the surveying industry to back up the solid reputation we have gained from past clients. Get everything and more when you turn to Arek!