Brooklyn Property-Boundary Survey


Arek Surveying offers people a property-boundary survey to help better understand the land that is being built on. Our services extend to many in the greater NYC area, including the five boroughs of New York. Brooklyn, of course, is one of the boroughs where we provide our services. A property-boundary survey, in short, is essentially an off-shoot of a title survey and is used to define boundary lines between properties.


What is a Property-Boundary Survey? 

In brief, a property-boundary survey defines boundaries and is an important legal task that professionals may need when looking at certain properties to buy or sell. Much of the focus is largely on defining the corners of a parcel of land. Typically, this type of survey is typically commissioned before buying, dividing, improving, or building on land. Once it is completed, a land surveyor creates a drawing with the exact measurements from the survey.

The overall cost of a property-boundary survey is dependent on a few different factors. These factors can change from survey to survey, but here are some of the various factors that can change the price:

  • Accessibility and ruggedness of the parcel of land that is being surveyed.

  • Actual size of the land.

  • Seasonal aspects, like leaf cover or ground markings.

  • The shape and size of the land being surveyed.


Call For A Free Consultation

Arek Surveying has years of experience in the field and offers clients an extensive selection of surveying options. Each and every survey provides their own set of benefits. Please consult with us about which option is best for you. For more information about a property-boundary survey, please contact us today. We offer our surveying services for clients throughout the Brooklyn area. The number to call to speak to our office is 516-792-6676. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our surveying options.