Queens Subdivision Survey


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What Is A Subdivision Survey?

A subdivision survey is a plot or map based on a survey of a parcel of land. When completing this survey, boundary lines are drawn inside the larger parcel. This indicates the creation of new boundary lines and roads. However, before beginning the survey, there is typically an agreement on the number and location of plats and newly created parcels. Once there is an agreement, the survey may begin. It is at this point the surveyor places monuments into the ground to mark the lot corners and curve ends and record the plat. The monuments we speak of are square concrete blocks, iron rods, or pins. We provide these subdivision surveys for clients across Queens.


When it comes to a subdivision survey in Queens, there may be regulations to follow. We will make sure to follow all rules and regulations during the surveying process. In effect, the final subdivision survey becomes a contract between the city or county and the developer. This survey will determine future projects on the land. It will delineate what exactly is built and in what condition it needs to be built. So, the completion requires an as-built plan by the local government. This way everything is in order and the ownership can pass from the developer to the government. We call this type of contract the Covenant. Once completed, the local government maintains, repaves, sweeps and plow the roadway.

Different Systems

There are different measures with which we can complete a subdivision survey in Queens. Choosing one or the other is dependent and your situation. We will, of course, evaluate the land beforehand. Subdivision surveying can be done by using one of two systems:

  1. lot and block subdivision
  2. metes-and-bound system

Each subdivision surveying system comes with its own set of benefits. So we will go through each with you to make sure the proper survey is completed.