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Arek Surveying is proud to offer our elite topographical surveying and architectural surveying services. Our commitment to excellent customer support allows us to provide you with only the highest quality surveying projects. We understand how important it is for developers to know the exact specifications of empty land plots. Our staff works diligently to record the most accurate results to help you plan your development and building work.

We provide our architectural surveying operations across New York state, including Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens and the general tri-state NYC area. So for the best survey team in the area, get in touch with Arek!

Architectural Surveying Information

An architectural survey is a method that takes all land aspects including soil, past and present buildings and roads, and even archaeological data into account when planning a new development. In many ways it is similar to an engineering survey, which is important and collects, analyzes and manages infrastructure. These surveys provide background and history of that specific area in regard to population and activity over many years. By understanding past events, developers and architects can plan projects accordingly so they may adapt to that area's needs and culture. Architectural surveying is incredibly important. It can help ensure structural integrity depending on earth conditions as well as community and employment involvement depending on the building's purpose.

Architectural Surveying in Relation to a Topographical Survey

Architectural surveys are used hand-in-hand with topographical survey. Topographical surveying is where most building plans begin, as they map out the weak spots on a development. The architectural survey is then used as a supplement and examines land components, such as roads, curbs and fences. The area's natural aspects, such as tress, bushes and soil, are also examined and taken into consideration. All of this helps when planning to build on a piece of land.

The data gathered in during architectural surveying will assist construction workers with a variety of areas and concerns, such as:

  • where to set foundations.

  • where to build barriers to protect the foundation.

  • how to create a waste disposal plan for the development.

If a land plot has not been used recently or was abandoned, a topographical survey will show how the land has changed and how it could change over time. Thorough calculations are made and then inspected to ensure the most accurate measurements. This data is typically used by builders and developers. However, this data is also for many other professionals including architects, engineers and geologists. Municipal and state governments also use topographical surveys to create building and zoning codes. And an architectural survey is used as a supplement to the topographical survey to help with the construction of any buildings.

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