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Arek Surveying provides many different surveying options to people across the state of New York. Our service areas includes the boroughs of NYC, which includes Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan. And it extends to many counties upstate and even Nassau County on Long Island. Among our provided surveying options is subdivision surveying. We are a licensed and certified company who provides results that are dependable. We have the knowledge, experience and technology necessary to provide you with the best surveying services in the area.

What Is A Subdivision Survey?

A Subdivision Survey is a plot or map based on a survey of a parcel of land. Boundary lines are drawn inside the larger parcel to indicated the creation of new boundary lines and roads. The number and location of plats, or the newly created parcels, are usually discussed back and forth between the developer and the surveyor until they are agreed upon. At this point monuments, usually in the form of square concrete blocks or iron rods or pins, are driven into the ground to mark the lot corners and curve ends, and the plat is recorded in the cadastre (USA, elsewhere).

Subdivision Surveying Regulations

In some jurisdictions, the recording or filing of subdivision surveying is highly regulated. The final subdivision survey becomes, in effect, a contract between the developer and the city or county. It determines what is built on the property and under what conditions that building is done. The completion of a subdivision survey requires an as-built plan by the local government. This is needed so the constructed roadway therein passes ownership from the developer to the local government. This contract is the Covenant. Once completed, the local government maintains, repaves, sweeps and plow the roadway..

Subdivision Survey Systems

There are different measures with which subdivision surveying can be done. Choosing one or the other is dependent and your situation, which we will evaluate beforehand. Subdivision surveying can be done by using one of two systems:

  1. lot and block subdivision

  2. metes-and-bound system



The metes-and-bound system is a method of describing land or real estate. Typically, the system uses physical features of local geography, along with directions and distances. It uses these aspects to define and describe the boundaries of a parcel of land. Surveyors describe the boundaries in a running prose style. They work around the parcel in sequence from a point of beginning. And return to the same point at completion. It might include references to other adjoining parcels and their owners. In turn, surveyors can refer to it later. At the time of writing the description, the survey may mark the ground with permanent monuments placed where there were no suitable natural monuments.

Lot and Block

The lot and block survey system is a surveying method used to locate and identify land. This land in particular is usually a densely populated metropolitan area. It is also sometimes referred to as the recorded plat survey system. This system begins with a large tract of land.Then a plat map is used to  organize the information. Each lot on the plat map is assigned a number or letter, which is used as an identifier and then these lots are officially recorded with a government entity. This can be a city engineer, but more likely is a recorder of deeds. The next step in this process in that the plan then becomes the legal description of all the lots in the subdivision and simply a quick reference to that particular lot and the maps' place of record is all that is needed for the proper legal description.

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