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Arek Surveying is a licensed and certified surveying company with years of experience in the field, which extends to the performance of a wetlands delineation location survey. Our services are available to many in the greater NYC area, which includes the five boroughs, Long Islands, and upstate. A Wetlands delineation location survey is a survey that is completed when construction work is to be done on or near a site containing defined wetlands. Depending on your local, state, or federal regulations wetlands are usually classified as areas that are completely inundated with water more than two (2) weeks during the growing season. Contact your local or state Conservation Commission or Wetlands Regulatory Commission to determine the particular definition for wetlands in your given geographical region.

Wetlands Delineation Location Survey Elements

There are a few different elements that determine the boundary of the wetlands. These elements include:

  • the soil colors
  • vegetation
  • erosion patterns or scour marks
  • hydrology
  • morphology

To denote the boundary of the wetlands, typically the surveyor places a blue or pink-colored flag in key locations. Ultimately, this survey collects the data on the locations and elevations of those flags. In the end, the surveyor draws a plan to reference the boundary of the wetlands against the boundary of the surrounding plots or parcels of land and the construction work proposed within.​

When Is A Wetland Delineation Survey Required?

If a project can impact a federally protected wetlands, there are steps in place to ensure its protection. Before carrying out any work or permitting any project near federally protected lands, there must be compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. This act requires that all federal agencies obtain a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) before beginning. The (USACE) has the authority to regulate the waters of the United States, which includes jurisdiction over wetlands, as well as non-tidal rivers and streams.

By utilizing a wetlands delineation location survey, it will make information available that helps to assess the impacts a project may have on an area. When a wetland has been identified through delineation, then the federal agency needs to document the boundary of its area. The delineation of a wetlands area is a complex process and needs to be handled by professional surveyors in order to make sure all of the data is accurate, complete and unbiased. A wetlands delineation location survey is also needed when a proposed project may impact a wet area. It is up to us to come up with an unbiased conclusion as to whether or not the project is in compliance.

This survey is also required when a proposed project can impact a wetland area and the federal agency cannot determine if it has jurisdiction over the wetland. When the borders are not complete defined, it can lead to the need of a wetlands delineation location survey, too. On top of that, this survey is also typically required when a proposed project may result in pollution or some sort of soil disturbance.

Post-Delineation Survey

After the performing of a wetlands delineation survey, a non-federal agency must also perform a post-delineation survey in order to make sure that the boundary has been determined correctly. If the determination is the boundary is not correct, then the potential construction of the project might see a delay or even a cancellation. However, if the boundary was determined properly, then construction may begin without any further delays.

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