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Licensed & Insured Topographical Surveying

Arek Surveying provides clients across the NYC area, including those in Brooklyn and Queens, with dependable and reliable topographical surveying. The design process of a construction project typically utilizes a topographical survey. It includes the survey of a subject parcel along with adjacent streets cross-sections, surface and underground utilities (sewer manhole inverts). Elevations are shown in relation to the local Vertical Datum and Legal Grades are computed (5 boroughs of NYC).

Upon the request of the client, we can provide contour lines. We construct current surveys on computers for pinpoint accuracy when showing land conditions. One big benefit of digital topographical surveying is that we can change them over time in order to adapt to current land conditions. The overall purpose of this type of survey is to collect survey data about natural and man-made features of the surrounding land.

What is Topographical Surveying?

A topographical survey is a survey that gathers data about the elevation of points on a piece of land and presents them as contour lines on a plot. These lines are "benchmarks" showing how and what ground contours are related with an estimate of the lawful distance between properties in a certain area. If the purpose of the given survey is to serve as a base map for the designs of a home, commercial building or roadway than it is usually necessary to show the perimeter boundary lines as well as the lines of easements. This aspect of topographical surveying shows the lines on or crossing the property. To properly set the zones and avoid any setbacks, these details need to be in order.

Topographical Survey Elements

There are various elements that set topographical surveying apart from other surveys in the field. Below are a few elements that are characteristic of topographical surveying:

  • Contours: This is a line that shows the peaks and valleys of the land being surveyed. These lines can show slopes of varying degrees, depending on the slopes of the area. In short, the smaller the cumulative drop, the more precise and detailed the survey can become.
  • Utilities: If there are any improvements that are visible on the lot, they can be shown. This includes overhead utility lines, streetlights, electric boxes, pipeline markers. This survey can also indicate if there are items buried or located below ground.
  • Physical Attributes: This includes if there are any streams, creeks, or wooded areas. The surveyor can then locate any individual trees and bushes and be as descriptive as need be for the situation.

The more data the survey gathers, the more detailed the topographical survey can be. In most cases, the surveyor decides on a case-by-case basis. In the end, the surveyor decides how much or little to show. Once the surveyor finishes, the maps show the elevations and grading features. Architects, engineers, and building contractors all utilize this survey type. So it is important to get these details right.

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Arek Surveying has years of experience in the surveying field and provides customers with trusted and reliable topographical surveying. Similar surveys to a topographical survey we provide are plot plans and foundation layouts. And they incorporate elements of an ALTA survey. So you can have all areas covered regarding your survey needs. There are many reasons why you might need a land survey, including for real estate reasons. For more information about our surveying options, please contact us today.

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