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Arek Surveying provides people across the greater New York area, which includes the NYC area and Long Island, with professional geological surveying. A geological survey is a generic term for a survey conducted for the purpose of recording the geologically significant features of the area under investigation. We are a licensed and insured surveying company and provide results that are dependable.

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Geological surveying takes time and precision to complete successfully. Some of the geological surveying techniques we utilize are traditional walk-over survey, the study of land forms, and machine-driven boreholes. A borehole is a narrow shaft that is vertically or horizontally bored into the ground. We construct boreholes for a few different reasons. It could be for the extraction of water or part of a geotechnical investigation. There are both national examples of geological surveying done, as well as smaller ones that are for individual states and provinces.

What Is Geological Surveying?

Geological surveying is the recording of all geological data of a certain area including geology, topography, and water and mineral deposits. By understanding this data, land developers can determine the safety, trends, and climate of certain areas. For residential and commercial properties, this surveying is necessary for constructing the foundation and structural makeup of a new building. The land conditions will help determine the exact location and appropriate size of the new structure.

An accurate geological survey is a vital tool for land developers. Before construction, they must know the kind of land they will be constructing on inside and out. From where to plant the foundation, to how waste products will be disposed of, to how water will be circulated, a geological survey will provide this important information. It sheds valuable details about the land and its surrounding area. On the flip side, bathymetric surveying deals with water and includes calculating depth contours, how curved a body of water's floor is and the depth of the floor. So many who need a geological survey done may also need a bathymetric survey done in short order.

The Importance of a Geological Survey

In the past, there was often no base topographic map available for more remote areas. So the geologist also needs to be a competent surveyor to produce a map of the terrain. Then the geological survey information can be recorded on this map. More recently, satellite imagery or aerial photography is used as a base, where no published map exists. Geological surveying is also specific. For instance focusing primarily on hydro-geological, geo-chemical, or geomagnetic themes.

The ultimate goal for the maps and reports created by geological surveys is to establish continuity and completeness in spatial patterns. These maps may include cross-sections to illustrate the three-dimensional interpretation. Geological surveying organizations do collaborate to share this information, as it leads to more exact results, which is always the key. There are great examples of geological surveying for both national geologic surveys, as
well as ones for individual surveys for states and provinces.

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Geological surveys often go hand-in-hand with topographical survey. A topographical survey is a study of the elevation. So you can see how that applies to a geological survey and learn more about mapping and its various techniques. And many who look into our geological surveying also need help with foundation layouts.

For general questions about any type of land surveying, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. We can also help you with needs that extend beyond a survey, such as with a FEMA flood elevation certificate. For specific information about geological surveying, you can give us a call at 516-792-6676. We will happily provide you with all the information you need about our range of surveys. We are a licensed and insured company and provide results that are dependable.

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Arek Surveying has years of experience in the field and has become trusted surveyors for many within the area. We service customers in all New York and New Jersey Counties and the NYC area, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, Yonkers, Richmond, Long Island - including Suffolk & Nassau County, Rockland, Bergen, Essex, etc. Geological surveys are one of the many surveys we offer. It is a beneficial survey for many land developers to help them understand the area that is going to build on.

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