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Bathymetric surveying involves measuring the depths of a riverbed or other body of water. This survey produces the map showing spot elevations and contours of the riverbed in relation to the mean sea level. Bathymetric surveying statistics also informs the people living in certain areas of any potential or ongoing coastal erosion, rises in sea level and sinking land spots. These charts produce results to make navigation above or below the water safer. Once completed, they typically show seafloor relief or terrain as contour lines. These lines are called depth contours or iso-baths.

The pros at Arek Surveying provide bathymetric surveys for clients throughout the NYC area. Fully licensed and certified surveyors will be on the job. So you know you will be getting accurate results when you turn to us! The numbers to call for our office are 516-792-6676 and 718-846-4624. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation. ​

Bathymetric Surveying Importance

Bathymetric surveying has been used since the 1930s. They have become more accurate through innovation and new technology and have spawned great aspects of studying. The study of oceans, rocks and minerals on the ocean floor and the study of underwater earthquakes or volcanoes are just a few examples. Such studies and research are fundamental components in ensuring the safe transport of people and goods around the globe.​ And there are different methods in which one can receive the best results for their bathymetric survey.

It is important for land developers to record and have knowledge of oceanic trends, including water temperature, wave occurrences and aspects of the ocean or seafloor. Doubly important due to the rise of climate change. Underwater rocks, minerals and fault lines are important for developers to use when deciding exact building locations near any aquatic areas including lakes.  ​

Bathymetric surveying has many great uses. This includes calculating depth contours, how curved a body of water's floor is and the depth of the floor. For example, these details can help determine the safety for swimmers if a developer were to include a beach. For precise measurements of deep-sea topography, satellites are used. These surveys have the ability to detect the subtle variations in sea level caused by the gravitational pull of ridges, undersea mountains, and other masses found in the ocean. Sea level, on average, is higher over mountains and ridges than over trenches and abyssal plains. ​

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