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Construction Surveying For NYC area, Brooklyn & Queens

Arek Surveying performs a wide range of trusted and reliable surveys across the New York area, including construction surveying. Our construction surveying includes clients in the NYC tri-state area (Brooklyn & Queens) as well as on Long Island in Nassau County. Our staff of surveyors is licensed and certified, so you can trust our results.

Get in touch with us today to learn about how our construction surveying procedures can benefit your upcoming project. The numbers for our office are 516-792-6676, 718-846-4624. Or send us an email at When you reach out, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

What Is Construction Surveying?

Construction surveying is the process of establishing and marking the position and detailed layout of new structures. Roads and buildings are the two most prominent construction projects that utilize this sort of surveying method. It is a sub-discipline of civil engineering. Construction projects utilize this survey for every project. However, it is often an intricate process. So it is important to trust professionals. We will independently examine each situation and offer results that are dependable.

Construction Surveying Process

Construction surveying establishes and marks the position and details the layout of new structures, such as roads or buildings for subsequent construction. Here are a few common steps for completing a construction survey:​

  • The first step of this type of survey is to perform a property survey. This needs to be done before any actual construction takes place or any architectural plans are being prepared. This will help avoid any unwanted disputes.
  • In addition to property survey, property corners stakeout is a very common request which helps avoid errors later on.
  • The next step is the location of anchor bolts, axis lines layout, and marking of benchmarks. Those reference marks are essential to any contractor providing construction services.
  • At later stages of construction, the contractor may ask us to transfer axis lines and benchmarks to subsequent floors. This is done accurately and does not interrupt any ongoing work on the construction site.

Only consult with the professionals with Arek Surveying when it comes to any of your surveying needs. We will examine each situation independently and provide you with results that are dependable. Construction staking is a crucial surveying aspect and needs to be left to the pros!

Construction Surveying History

The history of construction surveying dates back to ancient times. In recent years, Stonehenge has undergone reevaluation. Scholars are debating the use of prehistoric surveyors of the time using peg and rope geometry to place the stones where they are. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a nearly perfect square and has a north-south orientation, which leads one to conclude that the Egyptians had a good command of surveying. In more modern times, new technology has developed to enhance the accuracy of efficiency of surveying areas to build upon. GPS part of this new technology. It quickly measures the distance between two points. It also takes into account the differences in elevation, which comes in handy. When you choose Arek Surveying, all of the best tools will be at your disposal.

About the Surveyor

A surveyor performs as-built surveys of piles, anchor bolts, columns, slabs, etc between the subsequent stages of construction. This ensures all construction is built as planned. Or it shows the errors, which gives workers the time to correct them. The last step of construction surveying is an as-built survey, also called a final survey. Here, the surveyor measures finished structures and shows its relation to the property lines and grade elevation. The monitoring of the movement of various structures adjacent to a construction area is also an important part of surveying. The contractor, or owners of the adjacent structures, can request it.

Different situations call for different surveying methods. This is why communication is a very important aspect of that type of work. Once the proposal is finished, our crews are mobilized in 1-2 days. Our surveyors can handle any size job. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about our construction surveying options. Getting your foundation layout square and to the correct dimensions is important for any construction project. Learn more about the foundation layout methods and how they can help.

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Arek Surveying has years of experience providing customers with trusted and reliable surveys of all kinds, including construction surveying. For more information about our surveying options, please contact our office. We will discuss with you the details of this type of survey and decide if it is the right path to take for your specific situation. We can provide you with a free estimate regarding our potential services.

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