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Licensed & Certified Foundation Surveying

Arek Surveying provides clients across New York with a variety of surveying services, including foundation surveys. Whether you are in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn or even Nassau county, we are the surveying team for you! A Foundation Survey is sometimes also called a foundation layout. This is a survey done to collect the positional data on a foundation that has been poured and is cured.

What Is Foundation Surveying?

In short, a foundation survey shows the location of the foundation of a home or building relative to the property lines. The measurements and elevations are taken on all characteristic points and plotted into a Foundation Survey map that can be later analyzed and compared to the Plot Plan, Site Plan, or Subdivision Plan to ensure that the foundation was constructed in the authorized location. When the location of the finished foundation is checked and approved the building of the remainder of the structure can commence. Foundation Surveying should not be confused with an As-Built Survey which is not to be done until all work on the site is completed.

Foundation surveying is usually ordered by builders or lenders during the construction of a building or home. It is recommended to help with any of these following reasons:

  • To verify a correctly poured foundation before the builder resumes construction.
  • To verify that the foundation has been poured in the correct spot.
  • Verify that there is elevation issues or any other possible discrepancies with the foundation.
  • To serve as a simple baseline to track any future foundation settling.
  • Measure the current state of an existing structure's foundation against a previous foundation survey.
  • To identify any potential issues.

Mortgage Loan Inspections

Foundation surveying is also known as a mortgage loan inspection. It is often a requirement for new construction sites. These sites use it to verify a correctly poured foundation before the builder resumes construction. Ultimately, it ensures the foundation pour is in the correct place. It is also necessary to verify that there are no elevation issues or other discrepancies with the foundation. With this in mind, the design of foundation surveying is to locate improvements on a given property with respect to the property boundary. It collects information about the position of the previously poured foundation. And ensures everything is in the correct place, so the new structure is properly built.

Foundation Surveying Experience

A foundation survey can also serve as a baseline to track future settings of the foundation as well as a measurement of the current state of an existing structure's foundation against a previous foundation survey in order to identify potential issues. Foundation surveying has now become a common necessity with the increase in new construction sites in Nassau County and around the NYC area.

Arek Surveying has years of experience in this industry. Our surveyors also handle issues beyond the realm of surveys, such as professional erosion and sediment control plans. We perform reliable foundation surveying for clients throughout the greater New York area. This includes professional foundation layouts. For more information about our range of surveying services, please contact us today. You can call 516-792-6676 to speak to someone and learn more about our variety of services. We serve clients across the state of New York.

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Foundation Surveying is available in all New York and New Jersey Counties:
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