Construction Survey Staking


Arek Surveying performs a wide range of surveying services, including construction surveying. A construction survey is sometimes called building surveying, staking, lay-out, or setting out. Its goal is to stake out reference points and markers in an effort to help the construction of new buildings or structures. Having accurate staking is vital, because it simplifies the upcoming construction project. A great construction survey will make the new project run more smoothly. We perform these types of construction surveys to clients across the NYC area, including Brooklyn and Queens.

In short, the staked reference points from the survey will guide the new project with the proposed sites and help to ensure that everything is done on time. So, being accurate matters. Turn to the surveying company that you can trust!

The Role of the Land Surveyor

The land surveyor uses the designs by the engineer or architect and subsequently places the correct spots on the physical ground. This is to show the contractors the exact places whatever building or structure can be built upon. There are two types of staking:

  • Rough Grade Staking
  • Site Layout Staking

Choosing the correct staking method can be important, so understanding the differences in the two helps. Oftentimes, too, certifications are required. Be sure to know if the project you are planning requires any certifications, as that helps us plan the survey process with you. If you are unsure, do not worry. We have years of surveying experience and can help you with this process and ensure everything is in working order.

Rough Grade Staking

This staking defines the location of the site improvements with their respective reference to the location and final grade elevation. Essentially, this staking enables the contractor the ability to grade and prepare the site for the next step in the work. It is crucial in the construction of slopes, building outlines, parking lots and roadways. Without it, the preparation and planning process of the construction survey becomes much more difficult.

Site Layout Staking

Site layout staking occurs after a site has an inspection approval. The contractor moves to the next stages of construction after this, which includes:

  • Underground Utilities
  • Retaining Walls
  • Buildings
  • Site Lighting
  • Parking Lots
  • Street Paving

Site layout staking usually starts with any features that are underground, like sanitary sewer lines, storm drain lines, water lines, or electrical lines. Once the underground aspects are complete, staking work on the above ground features can begin. Building corners, interior grid lines, as well as onsite fire hydrants, curbs or gutters are staked in the process. After the staking, the project can effectively move forward.

Professional Construction Survey Staking

Arek Surveying has years of experience providing reliable construction surveys to locations across New York and New Jersey. For more information about our construction surveying services, please contact us today. We will provide you with all the information required in order to make the best decision for your particular situation.

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