Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Features


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There is a lot that goes into the planning to ensure proper erosion prevention and sediment control, which is why turning to the professionals is such an important step. This sort of plan has developed over the years into something very important. When starting out, it is important to minimize the areas of disturbed soils, as well as limit the duration of exposure. It is also paramount to control the water at up-slope site perimeters, control the water on-site, control the sediment on-site, and lastly control the sediment at the down slope site perimeters. At lot of areas to consider for any erosion prevention and sediment control plan.

So, what an erosion and sediment control plan really boils down to is being the final element in the process. It ensures an addressing of the sediment transport in the planning stages of a project. Ultimately, what it does is minimizes the extent of disturbance by focusing on erosion control. Four factors of erosion control are:

  • minimizing disturbed areas
  • seeding
  • mulching
  • matting

So this controls the amount of soil that can run off and stabilizes any exposed soil.

Then we come to sediment control, which measures the areas and then focuses on any sediment that has escaped the previous erosion control measurements.

Between the two, erosion prevention measures are much more effective than sediment control measures. So they should be the primary focus in a project.

Primary Components of an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

There are certain components regarding an erosion prevention and sediment control plan. These components are:

  1. Location map
  2. Existing conditions site plan
  3. Grading plan and timetable for construction
  4. Erosion prevention and sediment control site plan and timetable
  5. Narrative that briefly describes the 4 plans

These components are a mainstay for any sort of plan involving the prevention of erosion and controlling the sediment of a given area. Learn more about these components in more detail. Our surveyors know the lay of the land and understand these primary components in order to provide the best plans possible.

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