FEMA Raising Program Survey


Arek Surveying offers surveys that will comply with FEMA guidelines, which includes a FEMA raising program survey. We also can work on a FEMA flood elevation certificate. Both of these FEMA services are crucial to understanding the flood risk of a given area. Something becoming more and more prevalent for those residing in the greater NYC area. Get a FEMA Raising Program Survey today with Arek Surveying.

We are fully licensed surveyors who offer a wide range of surveying options to our clients. So if there is a survey you need, then our team is the one to call. Check out all of the surveys we offer clients. Our main service hub is for people residing in the greater New York City area, which includes the five boroughs, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey. Brooklyn and Queens are very popular areas for us. And our work speaks for itself! So for surveyors you can trust, turn to Arek!

What is a FEMA Raising Program Survey?

In short, this type of survey is conducted to raise awareness for flood risks for home and property owners. The ultimate goal is to improve FEMA's general understanding of flood risk perceptions and inform community engagement strategies. In general, any sort of raising program survey is designed to determine the general population's: awareness of flood risk, knowledge of specific ways to mitigate flood risks, perception of barriers to mitigation activities, and understanding of the steps taken to reduce risks. The information found with be used to inform others and shared across FEMA and other Federal agencies that address common issues.

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Arek Surveying has years of experience and knowledge in the surveying field and performs various types of surveys, including ones that are in line with FEMA regulations. A FEMA raising program survey is important to understanding the flood risks an area presents. This information is useful for those looking to build in an area.

For more information about a FEMA Raising Program Survey and the benefits it provides, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have with our surveying options. Also ask about the FEMA flood elevation certificate. Call our office by dialing (516) 792-6676. When you call, we can provide you with a free estimate regarding any of our surveying options. So please, do not hesitate to reach out for more information about any of our surveying options! Many who inquire about this survey also reach out in regards to a bathymetric survey, since these clients are often by the water.

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