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At Arek Surveying, we can perform a foundation as-built survey for clients across the NYC area. This service area includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, as well as Nassau County. We are a licensed and insured surveying company, so you can trust the results. 

A foundation as-built survey is also known as a mortgage loan inspection. New construction sites often require this type of survey before beginning. Surveyors use it to verify a correctly poured foundation before the contractor begins construction. It is important to make sure the foundation is in the correct spot on the property. The design of an as-built survey is to locate any improvements on a given property with respect to the property boundary.​

What Is A Foundation As-Built Survey?

A foundation as-built survey is typically a requirement for any new residences. This survey shows the vertical and horizontal foundation location and shows the closest point of the foundation measured in feet to all property lines, separation between buildings, lot dimensions, wetlands, floodplains, active easements and right of way.

Foundation as-built surveying is a survey conducted several times during a construction project to verify, for local and state boards (USA), that the work authorized was completed to the specifications set on the Plot Plan or Site Plan. This usually entails a complete survey of the site to confirm that the structures, utilities, and roadways proposed were built in the proper locations authorized in the plot plan or site plan. These surveys are usually done 2-3 times during the course of building of a house:


  1. once after the foundation has been poured

  2. once after the walls are put up

  3. and finally at the completion of construction

Ultimately, a foundation as-built survey collects information about the position of a foundation that was previously poured to ensure everything is in the correct place and that the construction can begin without running into any issues.

Affordable Surveying Estimates

Before moving onto the as-built surveying, the foundation survey must be completed first. Arek Surveying has the capabilities to perform a wide range of surveys for your convenience. We have years of experience performing trusted and reliable surveys. For general questions on land and foundation surveying, check out Frequently Asked Questions page.


For more information regarding our foundation as-built surveying, please contact us today. The numbers to reach our offices across New York are: 516-792-6676 or 718-846-4624. By calling, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate for our various available surveys. We look forward to working with you and helping you with any of your surveying needs.

Foundation as-built survey services are available in all New York and New Jersey Counties: 
Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, Yonkers, Richmond, Suffolk, Nassau County, Rockland, Bergen, Essex, etc. 

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