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A lot consolidation survey, or lot consolidation plat, is one of the many great surveying options available at Arek Surveying. When a land owner wants to combine several adjacent pieces of property into one larger parcel of land, a lot consolidation plat is required to be submitted to local authorities for approval. As professional land surveyors, we have the ability to accurately provide this service and allow you the chance to quickly move along in this process.

What Is A Lot Consolidation Plat?

A lot consolidation plat is simply a re-mapping of two or more adjacent lots or parcels of land and combining them into one larger parcel. In a nutshell, this is the reverse of a subdivision survey, which divides up a larger property in multiple smaller lots. As licensed professionals in the field of land surveying, we will perform the necessary field work on each existing lot to accurately determine the exact dimensions and land boundaries.

Once we complete the survey work, we draw up a map or plat. This map or plat indicates both the original parcels, as well as the "new" combined parcel of land. This is what we submit to the local zoning authorities for approval. If it gets approved, the consolidation plat effectively marks the new legal boundary for the consolidated piece of land.

One of the key benefits of doing a consolidation plat is that the survey may uncover and correct errors in previous older plat maps. Making the new map more accurate. And this is important because if any information about the property is inaccurate, then the consolidation application may be denied. Which then forces the landowner to begin the process all over again. So a lot consolidation is a way to protect the landowner's property and ensure everything is in order.

When Do You Need A Lot Consolidation Survey?

There are numerous reasons why it might be beneficial to consolidate two or more parcels of land. One common example is if a landowner lives next to a vacant lot or an abandoned home, then they have the chance to purchase the lot. And by doing so they can consolidate both parts into a single piece of land.

Also, if a property owner acquires a few different lots of land and wants  to develop them into a larger facility, then they need to consolidate them. This is common for people wanting to open up campgrounds, resorts or other commercial endeavors. And it is not uncommon for it to simply be a private matter. But the owner would need a lot consolidation plat in order to complete this.

Lastly, on final example is when the property owner wants to sell multiple adjacent lots to a commercial developer. During this sale, the rezoning process requires a lot consolidation. So there is no way to avoid it when trying to expand a business.

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