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In a nutshell, an ALTA surveying is a survey that covers property boundaries. Regular boundary surveys might cost less than an ALTA survey, but they are not as intensive and will provide more comprehensive and detailed information. They receive information about property boundaries and easements, as well as details for improvements concerning fences, trails, roads, right of ways, as well as other pertinent information. The access to the property, the zoning classification and the classification for the flood zone is also covered. This is a depth of information regular boundary surveys do not accomplish and are greatly beneficial for real estate agents when evaluating the property. We provide ALTA surveying for clients across the NYC area. 

Concerns Addressed With ALTA Surveying


ALTA Surveying Is Useful For Various Applications

ALTA surveying can be used for various reasons. Below are some areas that are addressed by the use of an ALTA survey.

  • Drafting of a legal description for the property.

  • Studying of easements and rights of way.

  • Determining encroachments related to the property.

  • Determining of any possible setback violations.

  • Determining how the owner can access the property.

All real estate lenders should require ALTA surveying in order to ensure that their investments are properly protected, as well providing a wealth of knowledge about the property to assist in the sale or lease.  There are a few concerns that a lender will want to address in terms of ALTA surveying. The first is that the lender may want a draft of a legal description for the property, which is used as a comparison to the surveyor's. If they are not the same, there may be an issue that needs to be addressed.

Another area of benefits a lender receives is the ability to study the easements of the property, which should aid in the sale or leasing process. Some easements could interfere with a deal, so it is best to understand what areas may be a concern. This also applies to any encroachments, which are overlaps of improvement from one property onto the property of another, or an overlap onto an easement. These are common and easy to deal with, but better to get in front of it than have it cause issues down the line.

ALTA Surveying Importance


Learn About How ALTA Surveying Can Be Right For You

Perhaps the best advantage gained from the production of a ALTA surveying is the ability to determine if any setback will occur before construction on a property begins. This is very helpful when it comes to local zoning ordinances. Building certain properties on different lands can mean added hoops to jump through. But by having this survey done, you will not be delayed during the process.

Most importantly, issues can arise after the fact and that is when real trouble begins. If you improperly built somewhere, then you can be looking at a lot of time and money wasted. There are simple fixes that can be determined after this sort of survey, ensuring the correct work is done in the right spots. 

ALTA Surveying Experience


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