Queens Plot Plan


Arek Surveying provides customers in the Queens area with a wide array of surveying options, including a plot plan. A plot plan is also known as a site plan. We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence when it comes to all of the surveying options we offer. We are a licensed and insured surveying company that provides results that are dependable.​ For more information about our surveying options, please give us a call today. When you call, we can provide you with a free estimate and consultation for the Queens plot plan you are interested in.

​What is a Plot Plan?

A plot plan is a proposed plan for an upcoming construction site. This plan includes all existing and proposed conditions on a given site and is a top-down orientation. The existing and proposed conditions of a plot plan always include the following:

  • structures
  • utilities
  • roadways
  • topography
  • wetlands delineation and location (if necessary)

Hydrology, drainage flows, endangered species habitat, FEMA Federal Flood Insurance Reference Maps, traffic patterns, landscape elements and major infrastructure routes can also be a part of a potential plot plan. What is also common are critical legal considerations. Property boundaries, setbacks and rights of way are aspects that need to be considered.

Plot Plan Uses

Grading, landscape, building foundation and utilities are part of a specific design plan. As part of the plan’s utilities, a plot plan drawing, in architecture, can show features on a piece of property such as buildings, porches, decks, sheds and swimming pools. The construction process can be done more efficiently and smoothly with a completed outline. Even if the potential project is complex. Any possible setbacks can be hashed out during this stage. So it is important to have these details laid out.

Title insurance companies and mortgage lenders also use plot plans to determine if homes are in the right building lots, comply with surrounding area zoning laws, or have any access, encroachment or right of way problems to correct.

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