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Land surveys are an important aspect when buying and selling properties. The land surrounding the property needs to be professionally reviewed, because there can be a myriad of underlying issues that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. So turn to Arek Surveying for a professional land surveyors. Our staff has years of experience handling surveys and get reliable results. Proudly servicing New York and all 5 NYC boroughs - Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam Counties, as well as Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Union, Middlesex counties in New Jersey. So if you live in the greater New York area, we are the professional land surveyors for you!

Reasons to Get a Land Survey

You may think that a survey is not needed, but there are many times when a survey is required in order to prevent confusion or possible legal action in the future. Mortgage companies, banks and funding agencies typically require a survey so they can protect their interest in the property. Here are some common reasons you may need a land survey.

  • Land surveys can alert you to any boundary discrepancies that may affect the value of a property before you even buy it.
  • A survey can show possible encroachments of the boundaries either from your neighbors property onto your or from your property onto your neighbors.
  • Will prove that the property is accurately described in your deed.
  • It will confirm that the property shown by the real estate agent and described in the contract is definitely the property being sold to you.
  • Reveals any recorded easements or right of way which entitles other people to use a part of the property.

Get a Survey Before New Project

It is important to get a survey before building any new permanent structure. This includes structures likes houses, fences, sheds, pools, driveways or new septic systems. You need to be sure you are building on your property and a land survey will definitively show whose land is whose.

There are various elements to look for when building a new permanent structure. These aspects include easements, set backs, and other various requirements to mark the land survey map.

Also, if you are looking to sell your property, it is wise to get a land survey. It may improve the value of your property, since acreage, road frontage and shorelines are aspects many people want when they buy land. So proving your worth may make your property more marketable.

Options Available For Our Land Surveyors

At Arek Surveying, we provide clients with dependable and affordable land surveys. There are many different types of surveys available by our company. Among these surveys includes the following:

  • Alta Survey
  • Architectural Survey
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Engineering Survey
  • Foundation Survey
  • Foundation As-Built
  • Geological Survey
  • Plot Plan
  • Stakeout Survey
  • Subdivision Survey
  • Title Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Wetlands Delineation Location Survey

If you require any of these surveys, then please get in touch with Arek Surveying today. Learn more about all of these surveys to get a better understanding. And if you want more information, they please contact us today.

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