Reasons You Need a Land Survey


There are key reasons why you might need a land survey in the greater New York area. At Arek Surveying, we offer a wide range of professional surveying options for our customers. Before anything is built on a property, there needs to be a survey to determine its boundaries. Under New York law, there is a mandate that requires a land survey for the selling of property, for the purchasing of a home, or if you want to make a home addition.

We will work alongside you to determine the best surveying option for you. For more information about our surveying services, please reach out to us. And check out all of the services we offer. The #1 choice in the greater New York area for surveys.

To Create A Topographic Survey

Builders and investors need to understand a land's topography or otherwise potentially face consequences. A topographic survey identifies trees, analyzes elevations, and helps to describe contour details. It is also used to pinpoint streets, identify drainage features, and list types of terrains.

A topographic survey is required for many building permit applications. Some common projects that utilize a topographic survey include:

  • new construction projects
  • utility designs
  • remodeling projects
  • landscaping plans
  • bridge and road construction
  • drainage designs

Arek Surveying provides clients with top-notch topographic surveying services.

To Identify Property Boundaries and Dimensions

A property boundary survey is a fundamental report that establishes a parcel's perimeter and guarantees that it coincides with its legal description. This survey type is also called a title or mortgage survey. That is because title companies require a property boundary survey at mortgage closings in order to ensure that a property is free of encroachment concerns.

On top of that, local ordinances often insist on a current boundary survey when property owners build fences and other structures on their land. These surveys are vital to landowners needing to know where their property begins and ends. The state of New York requires property owners to use a licensed land surveyor before any construction is performed. Get a professional property-boundary survey when you turn to Arek!

Purchasing or Selling Land

Real estate investors or buyers sometimes require a topography report or property survey when performing their due diligence on a property. This action may happen before closing to ensure their investment so they know they can meet their targeting return on investment. A survey can help a seller or investor with valuable information, which includes:

  • highest and best usage of the property, which allows the buyer assurance about the potential investment.
  • plot size in order to assess the property's value.
  • property descriptions to help curtail disputes over any potential inaccurate information.

In the state of New York, you need a land surveyor because property surveys are mandatory. State law requires a study to be conducted before you can close on a new home or purchase of property.

Help with New Construction Projects and Guide Renovations

If someone is planning to build on land, that someone will need a professional land surveyor in order to create a land survey. When you acquire a professional land survey, it allows you to map out varying land features that may negatively impact the construction project. Getting a land survey before the beginning of a project, it can help to adhere to any local laws and help to avoid any potential violations. So there is no worry of a potential fine or infraction.

Applying for a Mortgage Loan

Oftentimes if you want to refinance your property or apply for a mortgage load, an ALTA survey is required. One is also required if there is a plan on transferring ownership of a commercial real estate property. Title companies and lenders require an ALTA survey before issuing mortgage or title insurance. This sort of boundary survey includes:

  • boundary lines
  • identification of water, gas, railway and telephone easements
  • building height for commercial properties
  • central building location plus any structural improvements
  • ancillary building sites
  • to structure height and square footage

When done correctly, an ALTA survey lays out property details that will help interested parties avoid any unforeseen easement locations, boundary disputes, and encroachment issues. On top of that, an ALTA survey can depict zoning issues and any discrepancies with the math calculations.