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Site Plan Surveying for Greater NYC Area

Arek Surveying is proud to offer a site plan survey for those in the greater NYC area. We service New York and all 5 NYC boroughs, which includes the following: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam Counties, as well as Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Union, Middlesex counties in New Jersey. Get the best is site plan surveying for your money when you turn to Arek!

A site plan survey is performed when proposing construction on a property in order to obtain a building permit. Our staff utilizes the most up-to-date technology in order to bring the most reliable results forward. Our surveying crew has years of experience in the industry and provide efficient and accurate results every time.

What is a Site Plan?

Let's go into what a site plan is and how it applies to our line of work. A site plan also goes by the name of a plot plan and is essentially a diagram to show proposed improvements on a plot of land. When we make a site plan, it includes information for a parcel of land and the features of the landscape. For the most part, a site plan is used to show and explain the precise way the land relates to the features found on the property and its surrounding areas. When it comes down to it, a site plan is a guide. It will ensure the proposed plans meet with the existing authoritative codes for local building and zoning requirements. A helpful and important aspect for all contractors.

Projects That Require a Site Plan

Yes, there are certain projects that require a site plan. Some of the more common ones includes:

  • new or improved landscaping
  • new roof / roofline
  • encroachment issues with neighbors and borders
  • new outdoor structure
  • removing or remodeling a swimming pool
  • applying for a building permit (to add a home extension or addition, new wall, fence)
  • to apply for a building permit to meet city and town requirements

These are just some of the more common reasons someone may need a site plan in the greater New York City area. Be sure you go with Arek Surveying for results you can depend on!

What Does A Site Plan Include?

When it comes to the completion of a site plan, it usually includes a few important features. This includes driveways, fencing, parking, drainage, sewer lines, water lines, landscaping and some other outdoor elements.

On top of that, it may also include property lines, existing and/or proposed conditions, easements and surrounding streets and ground sign locations. A lot fall under the umbrella of a site plan and the pro surveyors at Arek Surveying will make sure it includes everything you need it to!

What Is The Difference Between a Floor Plan and a Site Plan?

There are some similarities between a floor plan and site plan, but for the most part they are different. A site plan provides detailed info on the areas of a plot of land that span beyond the boundaries of the building. Whereas a floor plan simply shows the details and elements of the building and the building only. And ends where the building ends. In a nutshell, a floor plan is a drawing with the roof of the structure removed and is the horizontal section cut through of a structure that shows the inside of the building.

It is common for both floor plans and site plans to compliment each other. Together they can provide a full understanding of the interior and exterior of the structure being built.

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After the chat, we can provide you with a rough estimate for the price of the site plan survey. We strive for affordability, without compromising the results. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to get the best surveying services in the NYC area.

Other similar services along with a site plan survey may include a foundation layout or an engineering survey. You can check out all of the surveying options we provide.