Stakeout Property Lines


Property lines are crucial because they need to accurately delineate two or more distinct properties. These lines need to be exact. Otherwise issues over the land and property may ensue. The demarcation of property lines allows for the accurate installation of fences or any other sort of improvement on the property. The process of marking the property lines is commonly called "staking property lines." At Arek Surveying, we offer the stakeout of property lines for clients throughout the greater New York area.

Staking Property Lines

As a professional land surveyor, we proudly offer the staking of property lines for clients throughout the greater New York City area. This service involves the placement of survey markers at the corners of a property with the placement of additional markers along the property lines. All set at predefined intervals. By doing so, we create a visible line that will come to define the limits of the given property. In some instances, we will utilize concrete monuments or iron pins to mark the property lines.

The Importance of Stakeout Property Lines

Staking property lines is an important survey aspect, since it delineates a line between two different properties. Here are some more reasons why staking property lines is an important part of the puzzle.

  • Visibly identify the location of property lines by staking them out.
  • Settle disputes with a neighbor over the property lines.
  • Necessary when you want to install a fence to see where the property actually ends.
  • Should prevent unwanted intrusions or encroachments from nearby lots. Hold firm to your property.
  • Implement property lines to comply with building permit requirements.
  • Measure the total land area of a given property.
  • Prevent any legal problems that may come about from intruding on another property.

Every land owner should undergo a staking of the property lines. It protects the value of the property, while also maximizing the space of the property since you know how much there is to work with. At Arek Surveying, we use only the latest equipment which guarantees accurate results.

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Staking property lines is one of the many surveying options we at Arek handle for clients throughout the greater New York City area. We stand behind the accuracy of every job we complete and our results speak for themselves. Staking property lines is an important assignment that every land or property owner should utilize.

At Arek Surveying, we offer professional stakeout surveying of property lines. Make sure this job is done right. You cannot afford to get a project of this nature wrong. Learn more about our stakeout surveying services and the elements that make it up. Feel free to give our office a call to talk to a surveying professional.

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