Stakeout Surveying for Construction Projects


Arek Surveying Provides Stakeout Surveys for Greater NYC Area

If you are planning a construction project, then you may need a stakeout survey. Arek Surveying works with contractors across the greater NYC area to provide professional stakeout surveys. Understanding the basics of a stakeout survey and why it is important to a construction project will go a long way into assuring that everything goes smoothly. Turn to the best surveying team in the area when you turn to Arek!

What is Stakeout Surveying in Construction

Plain and simple, a stakeout survey is a survey that sets and marks the positions of various points on a construction site. These points are predetermined by the architect or engineer of the project. How this works is that the points are marked with stakes or flags that we place in the ground at the exact location. We will then use transit or total station to properly identify and record the precise position of each point.

When it comes to needing a stakeout survey for construction purposes, the most common reason for performing it is to establish the locations of the corners of a building or some other structure. For the most part, this is done before the start of the excavation or the foundation work. As the surveying team, we will also establish the elevation of these corners. This ensures that the foundation is built to the correct level.

During this surveying process, other points may need to be marked. These other markings may include the position of utility lines, property boundaries, or other features that may need to be located with exact precision. Once we find and mark all of the points, we will then write out a report that gives the construction crew all of the necessary information. Making Arek the perfect partner for construction companies throughout the greater NYC area. With our years of experience in the surveying field, we can help you complete any sort of construction project.

Benefits of Stakeout Surveying for Construction Projects

When you turn to Arek Surveying for a stakeout survey for any construction project, you get some wonderful benefits to help achieve the desired outcome. And ensures a smooth construction project. The common benefits of a stakeout surveying for a construction project are:

  • Provides accurate information about a given property.
  • Identifies potential problems with a piece of property.
  • Determines the best overall use for a property.

Let's take a quick look at these benefits and how they can help as a whole.

Provides Accurate Info About a Property

A construction stakeout survey can provide accurate information about a given property since it measures the properties boundaries and identifies any features present on the property. This type of survey is typically used when a property is sold or transferred and can help to ensure that the property is adequately described and depicted in legal documentation. Some construction projects utilize a stakeout survey in order to resolve any disputes about a property. And in the long run, this surveying can negate any potential disputes by having it on the legal record.

Identifies Potential Problems with a Property

The whole point of a stakeout survey is to get an idea of the property before the construction begins. It can help to identify potential property problems, like right-of-ways, easements, and other potential encumbrances. Ultimately, by identifying potential problems, it allows for a smoother construction process.

Determines the Best Overall Use for a Property

By definition, a stakeout survey determines the boundaries of a piece of property. Once the survey is complete, you can then determine the best overall use for the property. A construction stakeout survey takes into account the size and shape of the property, as well as any surrounding area. This information helps to one to determine if the property is one should be used for commercial or residential use. So, if you have property and do not know the best way to use it, our construction stakeout survey team will be there for you.