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Mortgage Surveying For New York & New Jersey Area

It is always smart to investigate the condition of the property that you may be looking to buy and a mortgage survey is one common way of handling that issue. In order to move forward, a mortgage survey is a recommended action. This is the type of survey that will give the buyer and seller a lot information regarding the property and helping to assess the property's worth. Something that is crucial to the buying and selling process of a home.

Arek Surveying has years of experience providing reliable surveys to clients across the greater NYC area, which includes the aforementioned mortgage survey. When it comes to a mortgage survey, it is the same as a title survey and similar to an alta survey depending on the scope of the transaction. Both of which are services we provide, including commercial real estate surveys for business interactions.

When you turn to Arek, we can work with you to determine exactly what the mortgage survey will entail. No two surveys are ever the same, which is why you need a team of reliable surveyors you can trust. We have offices in both New York and New Jersey, which effectively allows us to work within the greater NYC area. Please fill out a contact form to learn more and see how our surveying services can help you.

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What is a Mortgage Survey?

The aim of a mortgage survey is to satisfy the lender with useful information in order to determine the ultimate value of the property. This survey acts as a certification for the lender that the property is of proper value and can bear the amount of money lent. It is an important part of the surveying process for home buyers and we here at Arek Surveying can ensure the details and the surveys are done correctly.

The Benefits of a Mortgage Survey

The overall benefit of a mortgage survey is to provide the right information about the value of a property. It is important to get this information absolutely correct, as a lot money is riding on it. In total, the information found by a mortgage survey will be very significant for the lenders who are providing a loan against the property. As well as for the future evaluation of the property in general. The ultimate benefit of this survey is to gain an accurate picture of the price of the property.


In order to complete a mortgage survey, there are a few procedures in order to accomplish it. Our team of surveyors will make a note of the different obstacles with building, boundaries, pavement, and what have you. We will also ably mark the location of the building. One such determination is whether it is crossing the border of the neighbors. When the survey is complete, we will send a copy of the report to you, as well as to the lenders.

How Important is a Mortgage Survey?

On the short of it, a mortgage survey is very important and one of the most common reasons for a land survey. It can be a vital factor in the world of real estate in an attempt to properly assess the value of a property. When you need this survey, you need to make sure you find a surveyor who can do the job right. Because if you get a wrong assessment, it can ruin a deal. When you turn to Arek Surveying, you can rest at ease knowing you are in good hands.

Mortgage survey or the investigation of the property as whole can be a vital factor for you. You need to find a professional mortgage surveyor who can assess the condition of your mortgage properly. A wrong assessment can ruin your aspiration. So, it's always recommended to find a good surveying company who can provide you professional surveyors.

This is where you turn to Arek Surveying. We offer a wide range of professional surveying services in land development and title surveying for homes and residential properties for those across the greater NYC area. Among some of our services includes construction surveying, foundation surveying, and architectural surveying. Get the best surveying services NYC has to offer when you turn to Arek! We take on jobs both big and small. And many within the real estate industry turn to us for reliable mortgage surveying.